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The world of risk mitigation has become exceptionally more sophisticated and complex since my grandfather founded Brunswick Companies in 1972. Back then the most complicated risk management service meant a home and auto policy. Coverages were basically all the same, regardless of carrier, which meant price was often the final deciding factor. As time progressed, the world became wealthier, more complex, more sophisticated, and more litigious. For today’s high achievers, a simple risk management plan only begins to scratch the surface to find the areas where there is significant financial exposure.

The land of insurance has not only become extremely sophisticated, complex, confusing, and filled with potential pitfalls, it changes as quickly as the days go by. Unfortunately, most people today don’t quite understand this. Additionally, most high achievers have incredibly demanding lives and may not even realize that their growing wealth, assets and liabilities have outgrown, are no longer covered, or require new, specialty policies. We understand risk management is rarely top of mind and it doesn’t get there until something goes wrong. Unfortunately when this happens, if you don’t have a comprehensive risk management plan, customized to meet the needs unique to you, it’s too late.

At Brunswick Private Client we take a different approach for the families we serve. Our proprietary BPC 5-step process ensures you have a risk mitigation plan that is custom and specific to the risks unique to you and your life. With BPC, cookie cutter plans are never an option. The notion that one size can fit all or that one plan is just as good as another, puts you, your family and your life’s work in potentially harmful yet completely unnecessary and avoidable risk. Our BPC 5 step process gives our members peace of mind knowing this will never happen to them.

As a now third generation, family firm, we have seen first hand for over four decades, the sacrifices that are made in order to achieve your dreams. You and your family have worked tirelessly and sacrificed incredible amounts to reach the level of success you have achieved. That hard work will continue as you reach new heights. Our personal understanding of those sacrifices is why we are relentless in our dedication to providing you with the peace of mind to know your family and everything you’ve accomplished, is protected. You’ve worked hard to achieve your dreams, you deserve someone who will work as hard for you to protect them.

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Michelle Hirsch
Senior Vice President
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