Accused of Wrongful Termination

maid with cleaning supplies

Many clients have the ability to hire personal staff to help make life easier. Housekeepers, nannies, caretakers, and personal assistants are all wonderful resources for busy families. But if the employee is hired directly (no outside service involved) there is exposure to the family that they may not be aware of. For example, if a personal employee claims discrimination or wrongful termination and sues the family, a basic homeowner’s policy does NOT provide coverage. Many of our carriers offer an Employment Practices Liability endorsement to protect clients from this exact situation.

We recently had a client who was not happy with their full-time housekeeper and with proper notice advised that her time with the family had come to an end. The woman felt she was discriminated against based on her age and filed suit. Thankfully the family had the EPL endorsement on their policy and the insurance carrier handled it from there. 

Let Brunswick Companies review your client’s policy to see how we can best protect the world they love and everything in it.