Avoid Duplicate Coverage for Multiple Business Entities

office buildings

Most of you know that we are a full-service P&C insurance agency, yet I’m usually just talking about Personal Insurance with our clients. But I had a Business Insurance situation that could impact many of your clients, so wanted to share.

In a recent audit, we found that a professional office owned their office building under one legal entity and ran the business under another name (same single ownership, just different names). The problem was that their previous agent placed two separate policies for the two separate legal entities, creating duplicate coverage.

Companies often have many different types of ownership structures and legal entities. Knowing how to properly insure them is important. If one of those names is not listed on the policy and gets sued, there would be no coverage.

In this case, even though the legal names are different, the ownership is the same, so there is no need for two separate policies. Our expertise saved the client 50% in premium costs from his prior policy with better coverages – all on one policy. Client annual audits can include a review of both personal and business insurance.


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