Not Licensed In That State

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Insurance agents must be licensed in every state they place business in. Often times an agent will not be licensed or have the carrier options outside their home state. This becomes an issue when your clients decide to purchase a vacation home out of state. Agents often refer clients to a local agent in the vacation home’s state, and then do not review the coverages.

A recent new client came our way with three different agents who placed policies with three different carriers. Carrier A on the primary home and umbrella, Carrier B for the Florida vacation home, and Carrier C for their auto. Three different agents working on separate pieces, but none of them were looking at the whole picture. 

After our audit, we found ways to consolidate all three previous policies into one new policy with Carrier D, improving coverages and decreasing premiums. We also found that the Florida vacation home location had never been added to Carrier A’s umbrella, a very common oversight when multiple agents are involved.

Let Brunswick Companies review your client’s policy to see how we can best protect the world they love and everything in it.