The BPC 5-Step Process


Brunswick Private Client Process

At Brunswick Private Client, we have developed a proprietary BPC 5-Step Process to ensure every client and family we serve receives the tailored approach needed to properly address the complexities and risks unique to each of them.

This process is a fully comprehensive and completely integrated approach toward risk management. Every step, from discovery to ongoing support, is customized to address each client’s individual needs. By design, it will adjust as those needs change and evolve over their lifetime.

Having a proven and proprietary process custom tailored for each client allows us at BPC to “Insure the world you love and everything in it!”™

Step 1: Discovery

Comprehensive interview with the client to gain a strong understanding of what is important to them, including their family, financial complexities, loss tolerance, resources, and current and potential risk exposure. Together they give us the information we need to build a custom and personalized loss mitigation plan.

Step 2: Approach the Markets

Having identified areas of concern and the coverages necessary to eliminate those concerns, we begin the process of identifying which carriers will be the best fit for our clients based on the needs defined by their custom loss mitigation report.

Step 3: Gap Analysis & Loss Mitigation Report

The BPC gap analysis is a systematic process where a team of advisors compile all of the client’s discovery information to identify both current and potential areas of concern regarding their risk exposure and opportunities to further enhance protection. Next, a loss mitigation report shows areas of concern and the solutions we will provide to address them.

Step 4: Implementation

Once we have selected all available solutions and presented them to the client, we being the implementation process and assign the client their personal risk officer.

Step 5: Personal Risk Officer

For our BPC members, their highly specialized needs require a highly specialized approach to ongoing support and service. It is why each member is assigned their own personal risk officer who becomes their 24/7/365 access to help with any need, concern, or question they have.

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