Family Offices Insurance & Protection

Protection for the Business of the Family Office

The business of today’s family office is as unique as the family it serves. They offer a wide breadth of wealth management and preservation services that require fiduciary standards of care. This however, creates areas of exposure and risk for the business, executives and professional staff. Allegations and litigation over professional negligence, violation of trust agreements, failure to safeguard assets and mismanagement of investments are all potential risks each family office is faced with. At Brunswick Private Client, we have the knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to safeguard you and your business from these potential liabilities.

Directors & Officers Liability

BPC helps each family office protect the personal assets of their Directors and Officers. Claims alleging error, misrepresentation, misstatement, omission, and neglect or breach of duty are just some of these potential exposures. Regardless of whether the alleged misconduct occurred while engaged in family office business or while representing the family on the board of a nonprofit, BPC crafts a customized plan to address these risks before they happen.

Professional Liability

Regardless of merit, family offices may be at risk of being sued over services performed on behalf of the family itself. Allegations of inadequate service or errors made during a service can be devastating. BPC’s tailored approach is designed to give the business and employees of the family office the protection they need and deserve from these potential risks.

Fiduciary Liability

In today’s ever-shifting legal environment, employers like a family office are increasingly responsible for the benefit options they offer employees. Under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), fiduciaries can be held personally liable for losses to a benefit plan incurred as a result of their alleged errors, omissions, or breaches of their fiduciary duties.

Cybersecurity Coverage

New and emerging privacy concerns and fast-growing cyber threats present financial challenges to the family office. That’s why we offer award-winning service and access to experts to help make the family office whole again following any cyber incident.

Crime Coverage

Fidelity and Crime Policy is designed to protect family offices from the potentially devastating impact of employee and non-employee perpetrated crimes.

Business Owners Coverage

With broad protection for property and liability exposures, our business owner’s policy serves as the foundation for the family office insurance portfolio.