Patients in Assisted Living Still Need Insurance

elderly woman

A client recently moved his mother into assisted living and was worried about her new exposures in a shared living space. Did the facility’s insurance cover her and her belongings? To help him get the right coverage for her, we evaluated what she would take with her and what would be provided by the facility.

For example, all assisted living facilities are required to have insurance, but those policies protect them and their property from lawsuits and damage. If our client’s mother was going into a place that was pre-furnished, those items would be covered by the facility’s insurance since they owned them. However, if she was bringing her own furniture or other personal items of value, those wouldn’t be covered by the facility’s insurance.

Brunswick Companies has partnered with insurance carriers who offer the Assisted Living Care Endorsement. Our client was able to add this endorsement onto their homeowner’s policy, extending coverage for his mother in lieu of a whole tenant’s insurance policy. In addition to covering the usual personal property like furniture or clothing, the endorsement may also provide limited coverage for hearing aids, false teeth, contact lenses, eyeglasses, medical alert devices, walkers or canes, and wheelchairs. He was also able to include personal liability coverage for his mother and any of her visitors with a choice of limits. This coverage can also help with some additional living expenses in the event of a natural disaster or other circumstances that make the facility uninhabitable.

Let Brunswick Companies review your client’s policy to see how we can best protect the world they love and everything in it.