Phishing Scammer Steals Deposit

broken laptop and dollar bills

Hackers are getting more sophisticated by the day. Having the proper protection to come to the rescue in times of a breach is priceless. Several of our carriers offer a standalone personal cyber policy that not only reimburses clients if they have a cyber loss but also acts as a personal cyber triage in the middle of a loss to guide the client on how to best respond to the situation.

One of our carriers recently shared that a client had rented a vacation home on an online rental website for Spring Break. The following day after booking the home, the client received an email asking for bank account information for payment. The client clicked on the link and made the payment, as everything looked like it came from the original website. The next day, the client received another email asking for the same information. Realizing something had happened, he called the site and discovered the first email was fake and he had paid a hacker $15K without any way to stop the payment. Thankfully this family had purchased a personal cyber policy and received a check in the mail from the insurance carrier that same week with the full $15K reimbursement.

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