The Correct Value of “Other Structures”

brick pool house

Homeowner’s policies cover the “Dwelling” (the main home structure) and then separately provide coverage for “Other Structures” (those not attached to the main home) which can include: detached garages, guest homes, sheds, fences, pools/pool houses, driveways, and patios. The carriers typically default the “Other Structures” limit on every policy to 10% of the “Dwelling” amount automatically. It’s up to the agent to increase that limit, if appropriate. 

We recently took on a new client that had a magnificent backyard with a newly-installed pool, including a pool house with bathrooms and a full kitchen. Also on the property was a wrought iron fence that enclosed the 3 acres of land, as well as a heated driveway leading up to the home. After reviewing their policy, we uncovered their “Other Structures” value was listed at only $100K—a fraction of the actual value. After we adjusted to the correct value of $500K, the premium only increased by $200, but they were now properly protected should a covered loss occur.

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